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What Your Teeth Say About Your Personality

Cosmetic dentists spend much of their time discussing, debating and deciding what shape a tooth or teeth should be. The answer is not the same for everyone as depending on […]

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Cosmetic dentists spend much of their time discussing, debating and deciding what shape a tooth or teeth should be. The answer is not the same for everyone as depending on your age, aims and personality, you could be suited to very different tooth shapes than someone else.

We have categorised teeth shapes into the following:

  • Squoval
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Triangular

Read on for more information on each of these tooth shapes and our verdict on what traits their aesthetics create.


If you are wondering what squoval is, the shapes used in nail design are a good starting point! As you can see, squoval has rounded corners with an element of squareness. It suits most personalities and is considered a safe shape for teeth as it does not impute any strong personality effects.

Considering most people’s facial profiles, on average we show sharp angles at the angle of our lower jaw, upper cheekbones and forehead. These angles are softened by the nature, shape and level of fat within the skin overlying the bone structure.

Squoval teeth could suggest traits such as sophistication, calmness and affability.


As the name suggests, oval teeth are rounded in all dimensions which, classically, is a more feminine and youthful shape for teeth, which may suit you depending on your facial features. Aesthetically, rounded facial features would suit rounded or ovoid teeth, as pictured in the example.

Oval teeth impute a carefree, positive and outgoing personality.


Square teeth are on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to ovoid teeth, and they tend to be flatter in the edge profiles with sharp corners. They are a masculine and older tooth shape, and over time almost everyone will wear their teeth into a squarer looking appearance.

Square teeth are not necessarily a bad thing for everyone, but they are associated with older age due to the effects of tooth wear. Age-appropriate teeth are becoming a little more popular in recent times due to people wanting a natural aesthetic.

Personality traits could include seriousness, maturity and efficiency.


Have you ever seen teeth that seem to flare outwards a lot? These are usually developmentally normal, but triangular-shaped teeth can look great depending on your personality and facial profile.

Triangular teeth are associated with dominance, creativity, motion, free-thinking and quirkiness.

Eccentric features

Here is some information on what impact different eccentric features may have on your appearance.

Pointy teeth

Pointy canines are associated with masculinity, strength and aggression. Many clients we see are opting for softer, rounder canines, to reduce their aggressive appearance!

White spots

These developmental defects can give teeth character and show openness, kindness and creativity.

Uneven edges

Wavy edges can be a natural feature, or developed over time due to using your teeth as a tool, or following an accident. Asymmetric features such as chipped or cracked teeth could show disorganisation, reduced intelligence, but also creativity and extroversion.


This is a technical term for the developmental grooves on the edges of teeth. They form during our early years and often wear away by age 21. In some people it does not wear away, leaving the appearance of wavy or uneven edges. Mammelons could show youthfulness and immaturity as personality traits.

Incisal steps

This refers to the length difference between the front tooth and the two side teeth. This is normally 0.5-2mm but is variable across the population. An incisal step of 0.5mm would show seriousness and older age, whereas a step of 2mm+ would show youthfulness and a playful personality.

What does tooth shape mean for you?

A good starting point is to have a look in the mirror and see what type of facial form and corresponding tooth form you currently have. This is what nature has given you, and nature is usually not far from the best possible combination of features in teeth.

That being said, if you have something you are looking to change or improve with veneers or other cosmetic dental services, consider where you might fit in with the personality traits, and remember that cosmetic dentists can mix tooth forms together. For example, a squoval tooth form can be made to be more on the ovoid side or squarer, whilst still retaining some features of squoval.

Discuss it with a cosmetic dentist London you trust like Marylebone Smile Clinic so you can be sure you are designing your smile with the right personality traits in mind. See our Smile Gallery for inspiration on what tooth shapes you like the look of.

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