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Veneers for Peg Laterals

Veneers are one of the most versatile treatment options for dental issues. There are so many problems, both aesthetic and functional, that can be fixed by using veneers. For example, […]

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Veneers are one of the most versatile treatment options for dental issues. There are so many problems, both aesthetic and functional, that can be fixed by using veneers. For example, discoloured front teeth and crooked teeth, and you may even be able to get veneers for overbites.

One issue that we come across often in our clinic is peg lateral incisors. Usually, people with this issue come to us with no specific treatment plan in mind, they just want a solution to their problem.

Sometimes they are surprised to hear that veneers can fix their problem because they have the wrong perception of veneers that is portrayed by some ‘celebrities’, where veneers are poorly used to replace a full smile.

So how can veneers be used to treat peg laterals? Stay tuned for information from one of the best rated clinics for porcelain veneers in the UK.

What are peg lateral incisors?

Lateral incisors are the teeth that separate your front teeth (the central incisors) from the canines. Some people have an issue with their teeth where the lateral incisors, primarily the upper (maxillary) incisors, do not form correctly during development. Instead, they are smaller and may appear cone shaped.

The term for this lack of development is agenesis. While the exact reason for agenesis of the lateral incisors is unknown, it is likely to be related to genetics. We find that people with peg lateral teeth often also have family members with the same issue.

How to fix peg teeth

First of all, why might you want to fix peg laterals?

A peg lateral tooth is primarily a cosmetic issue. Because the lateral incisors are so prominent at the front of your mouth, they are very easily visible when you smile. The disparity of size and shape in comparison to the front teeth will make the peg teeth stand out even more.

However, if there are gaps between your lateral incisors and the neighbouring teeth then you are more likely to experience periodontal disease as a result of bacteria and plaque build-up.

So therefore there are two reasons why you may want to treat your peg laterals: smile aesthetics and tooth health.

At Marylebone Smile Clinic, we prefer to treat peg lateral incisors with veneers. We find that this treatment provides the most benefits for our patients and gives them the best quality smile over the short and the long-term.

Veneers on peg laterals are possible because there is an underlying tooth structure on which to apply the veneers. If the lateral incisors are missing and the gap is too big, then veneers may not be a suitable option.

Peg teeth before and after

Take a look at some of our pictures for peg lateral teeth before and after veneers in our Smile Gallery.

We also have categories showing patients that we have treated with veneers for a wide range of issues, including other forms of problematic laterals.

Notice for this patient how the size and shape of the lateral incisor has improved and it now blends in with the surrounding teeth much better.


How much does peg lateral treatment cost?

Peg lateral incisor veneers cost from £795 per tooth. This makes them one of the more affordable treatment options for peg teeth.

If your incisors are too small to receive veneers, then you may have to receive alternative treatment which may cost more. This includes dental implants and crowns.

Veneers at our Smile Clinic

If you have peg lateral incisors and you want your smile improved, then get in touch with our clinic and we would love to speak to you at a consultation.

We will have a meeting with you and examine your teeth to identify whether you are a suitable candidate for veneers.

If so, then we can proceed with treatment. If not, then we will talk you through what other options we have at our disposal to give you the best smile possible.


Can braces fix peg teeth?

This depends on your specific teeth. Braces may be able to reduce the gaps between your teeth, but your tooth structure will remain the same. If your teeth are small and cone shaped, then braces will not be able to fix this.

Are peg teeth hereditary?

Peg teeth can be hereditary, although there are many other reasons why you may have peg teeth too.

This does not mean that if your family have peg teeth then you will definitely have them too, or if you have peg teeth then your children will definitely have them.

Are peg teeth rare?

Peg teeth are quite rare. Studies have shown that around 2% of the population are affected by peg lateral incisors.

What is microdontia?

Microdontia is when you have one or more small teeth. This is similar to pegged teeth, but microdontia is more often diagnosed when there is generalised microdontia across the whole mouth.

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