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Dental Implants in London

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Losing one or more teeth can be a severe psychological blow. Dental implants offer a gold standard permanent alternative for those people who have teeth missing, wear dentures, or are about to lose their teeth.

Implants involve a metallic or ceramic fixture that is screwed into the bone, and following a healing period, it may be built on to create an appearance of a tooth. The great advantage over other options is that it is standalone, meaning it will not affect the health or neighbouring teeth. Perfect for if you only want a single tooth implant.

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Getting Dental implants

At Marylebone Smile Clinic, we can work with you to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth. If you need your current tooth to be removed and are concerned about having a noticeable gap in your teeth, say if you are having a front tooth implant, then we may be able to provide you with a same day teeth service.

This involves fixing an implant directly into the socket of the extracted tooth. An immediate temporary of the tooth is provided so that you can still smile whilst the implant stabilises in the bone.

Replacement of the front tooth is an especially skilled procedure that requires particularly close attention to the shape and appearance of the gum. Without due care to the gum and the area surrounding the tooth, your replacement can look odd or out of place.

Another popular service is the ‘All on 4’ treatment. This involves fixing 6-8 implants on either jaw depending on your personal case. The ‘All on 4’ dental implants work out very cost effective when compared to individual replacements and can work wonders for improving confidence and overall quality of living.

Tooth implant process

The first stage of receiving a tooth implant is to visit the clinic for an appointment to measure your suitability for the treatment. This involves discussions about your personal health and lifestyle, assessments of your medical history, and taking x-rays of your mouth. If all comes back positive and you are suitable for dental implants then you will be scheduled in for two appointments: the first to receive your implant, and the second much later to fix your new tooth when the implant has successfully healed.

The metallic or ceramic fixture will be drilled into your jawbone and securely fixed. During this you will be under local anaesthetic and may also receive oral sedation. If, due to your personal case, you do not have enough bone in your jaw to be suitable for a dental implant, we may be able to perform a dental bone graft to increase the amount of bone in your jaw.

One of the most important things to know about getting a dental implant is that the aftercare is very important. Especially in the period immediately following treatment to fix the implant. Following your dentist’s advice during this period is essential to set you up in good stead for receiving and caring for your new tooth.

If you needed a dental bone graft, then you may need to be extra careful to avoid any complications as there will usually be more swelling in the grafted area. Your dentist will be able to provide you with complete advice tailored to your specific treatment.


Dental implants can be very long lasting depending on how you care for them at home and if you have any predisposing factors.
Best case scenario, your dental implant will last for around 25 years while retaining aesthetic results. On average, they last from anywhere between 8-25 years.

The average cost of dental implants per tooth can vary depending on geography and personal factors relating to your individual treatment plan composed by your dentist.
Usually you can expect to pay a minimum of £2000 per tooth. This upfront cost works out beneficial over time when compared to other treatments for tooth loss such as dentures that need to be replaced much more frequently than implants.

Some of the biggest problems with dental implants will be ones that you will hopefully avoid. Currently, there is an epidemic of inexperienced practitioners carrying out treatments without due care. While these types of treatments may be cheap and quick, they will come at a cost by having issues that would be avoided by going with an experienced clinic in the first place, like Marylebone Smile Clinic.
Aside from this, even the most professional of dental implants will be susceptible to complications if you neglect to follow the advised home care maintenance plan or if you smoke.
On top if this, you will still have the chance of being affected by gum disease or any conditions that affect your immune response like cancer or diabetes.

In the week immediately following your treatment you should take care to follow good dental practice to ensure your implant heals effectively.
This includes not smoking, avoiding certain foods and drinks, and regularly brushing. Your dentist will be able to provide you with more specific advice tailored to you individually.

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