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Teeth Contouring, Shaping and Filing in London

Tooth contouring is known by many names. Tooth filing, tooth shaving, tooth reshaping, and enameloplasty all refer to the same procedure. The tooth contouring procedure is a reductive method of […]

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Tooth contouring is known by many names. Tooth filing, tooth shaving, tooth reshaping, and enameloplasty all refer to the same procedure.

The tooth contouring procedure is a reductive method of improving the appearance of teeth by reshaping them. We are accepting the positions of the teeth and making them look as good as possible without doing anything too dramatic. It’s such a popular procedure for this reason, and for younger people who may consider veneers/bonding as a bit too much, contouring is an ideal compromise.

It is important to see a dentist who is experienced with teeth contouring due to the risk of doing too much contouring. Unlike our hair, teeth do not grow back if you go too far! Contouring is a treatment only performed by a handful of dentists in the UK, and we are proud to have treated several hundred people so far. You could say we are the most experienced in the UK, but no one will ever know for sure.

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Cosmetic contouring teeth enameloplasty

Enameloplasty is a dental term to describe the same procedure as teeth reshaping. ‘Enamel’ refers to the hard outer shell of teeth, which is what gives teeth their whiteness and smooth texture. ‘Plasty’ originates from Latin, meaning to modify or reform. And there we have enameloplasty!

At the Marylebone Smile Clinic, we have a strict approach when conducting tooth contour procedures. We only reshape the outer shell of the tooth: the enamel. By adhering to this, the risk of immediate and long-term damage to the teeth is mitigated as much as possible.

Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith tried our tooth contouring and wrote about her experience here.

Dental contouring origins

Contouring has origins in the technique in makeup where highlights and shadows are used to accentuate different parts of the face, such as cheek bones or lips. Teeth filing works in the same principle. We aim to manipulate the how the light interacts with the teeth themselves, giving us the flexibility to make a tooth appear wider, narrower, less or more prominent.

As with other forms of contouring, people use contouring on their teeth to remedy any natural features that they find undesirable. It is safe, effective, and straightforward.

Teeth contouring before and after

Taking a look at pictures of teeth contouring and reshaping before and after is the best way to gauge whether a dentist is skilled at the procedure.

See how the dentist has filed down teeth to even out chips and ridges. What you want to see is an overall benefit to the full mouth aesthetic based on the patient’s preference.

Did they want their teeth more even all over? Or did they want specific teeth to appear more or less prominent? Discuss with your dentist while viewing their portfolio of work to get the best chance of receiving the best results.

If you take a look at our patient gallery, you will be able to see a diverse range of before and after tooth contouring images. None of these two patients are the same, and all receive personalised advice and care for their desired outcomes.

Customer Review:

I have never experienced such an amazing result in such little time. I also have to talk about how I felt inside. I almost didn’t realise how much my two crooked teeth had bothered me until they didn’t look crooked anymore. I felt like skipping down the road afterwards and my standard smile has been reinstated.



You may have heard of teeth shaving if you have been wondering can you make your teeth shorter or have been struggling with uneven teeth length.
Teeth shaving is synonymous with teeth contouring and is just another name for the same procedure.

With experience. There is an art and science to changing how light interacts with teeth and it is related to the transition lines. These are the borders where the light changing from being deflected to being reflected. We plan this first with a digital simulation of your teeth, and following your approval we start by doing a tiny amount of contouring first, to give you an idea of where we are heading. You have the chance to let the dentist know what you would like to do more of and you will know when you are ready to stop.

Not quite. Contouring is one of the three parts of a mini smile makeover, and can be done as a standalone treatment. Some patients have already whitened their teeth, so there is no need for an MSM.

No. Over a 30 minutes appointment, you will not need any local anaesthetic and will only feel some mild vibration against your teeth. There is no pain to be expected and mild temporary sensitivity is the only risk associated.

No, tooth reshaping does not damage your teeth as it only contours the surface of the outermost shell. This means that the inner materials of the teeth is safe and remains naturally protected from damage.

Yes, our tooth contouring method produces permanent results.

Tooth contouring is one single procedure whether it is used on one tooth or more. The procedure can be combined with more of our treatments, such as a gummy smile makeover, to achieve the best aesthetic results for you.

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