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Single Tooth Veneers Cost

If your first thought when hearing ‘porcelain veneers’ are people with huge, dazzling white smiles then you are probably mistaking veneers for crowns. While there are a purpose and a […]

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If your first thought when hearing ‘porcelain veneers’ are people with huge, dazzling white smiles then you are probably mistaking veneers for crowns.

While there are a purpose and a place for both treatments, veneers are not supposed to be so loud and obvious – see here for examples of common dental treatments performed poorly abroad.

Instead, veneers made in London are actually very thin materials that only cover the front surface of the tooth, making them perfectly suited for subtle corrections of cosmetic dental issues.

So, if you don’t want a full mouth transformation or if you only have a single tooth that requires treatment, then you might be wondering about whether or not you can have a porcelain veneer on just one tooth.

In this post, we will address this question and advise you on how we think you should proceed if you are debating getting a veneer on just one of your teeth.

Can you get a veneer for one tooth?

Yes, you can get a veneer on one tooth if that is what you wish. Although, your cosmetic dentist may advise that you will see better results if you receive more than one veneer.

Maybe you have only one severely discoloured tooth and are happy with the rest of your teeth. This is absolutely fine, and it will be possible for a cosmetic dentist to apply a veneer to your problematic tooth to fix this.

The veneer placed will be made to match the rest of your teeth where possible, and you should end up with a smile that looks natural and evenly coloured after treatment.

However, we find that the majority of people who think they only need one veneer would actually prefer to have multiple veneers instead. After seeing the improvement that one veneer can make to their smile, they realise that they would actually like more veneers to address other issues they may have with their dental aesthetics such as tooth shape and shade.

Your natural teeth can be whitened too so that they match your new veneer. This will improve the appearance of the rest of your teeth and help make the veneer less noticeable.

By creating a smile that is just a touch brighter than your natural smile, you can see huge improvements in your aesthetics – but veneers require less maintenance than performing regular tooth whitening sessions, and they are more effective. It may be more beneficial to receive veneers on problem teeth rather than perform repeated whitening sessions over the long term, or where teeth are permanently stained and cannot be whitened.

Can I get veneers on my two front teeth?

Yes, the two front teeth (incisors) are great candidates for veneers. The reason is that they are the most visible teeth when we smile.

If you have no obvious cosmetic issues with the rest of your teeth, you can really transform your smile by receiving veneers on your two front teeth. This can improve your confidence if you are suffering from anxiety around how your teeth look and help you become happier by smiling more frequently.

Very often we see individuals who feel like they have to stop themselves from smiling because they are embarrassed about how their teeth look. While we don’t think that anybody should be embarrassed because of how they look, we do realise how effective addressing the cause of the issue head-on can be.

However, as everybody has a unique smile, you might find that your bottom (mandibular) teeth are more visible than when other people smile. In this case, you may be more inclined to receive veneers on your mandibular teeth, too.

Veneers Cost

How much does a veneer cost for one tooth?

The cost of a veneer for a single tooth can vary widely depending on various factors such as the type of veneer (porcelain, composite, etc.), the dentist’s expertise, location, and the specific requirements of your case. On average, a single veneer might range from £500 to £2,500 or more per tooth. Higher-end veneers like porcelain tend to be more expensive than composite veneers. Additionally, certain specialised areas in dental practices like the Harley street of London might have higher costs. It’s best to consult with a dentist to get the most accurate estimate based on your individual needs.

What is the price for a porcelain veneer?

The cost of a porcelain veneer ranges from £1000 to £2500 per one tooth. While they’re pricier than composite veneers, their appearance might not necessarily be superior. The higher cost is due to their fabrication in a lab by a ceramist.

How much does a veneer cost at Marylebone Smile Clinic?

Our prices for a single veneer start at £1495 per tooth. The difference in price compared to multiple veneers/ceramics is that the detailed workflow required to shade-match a single tooth is considered one of the most challenging procedures in modern dentistry. This is because teeth exhibit unique and variable colours in each person, and our task is to reconcile the various hues, chromas and effects whilst imparting fluorescence – which makes the tooth appear natural and real. Have a look below at a colour chart for one of our patients. As you will see, there are many details to take into consideration when matching a single veneer/ceramic to natural teeth.

Accredited dentist clinics cost more but for good reason

We touched very briefly on dental tourism at the start of this post. To anybody considering dental tourism due to the competitive pricing, we would strongly advise you to reconsider.

The quality of dental work performed abroad in these countries is not equal to the standard that you would receive here in the United Kingdom from our highly experienced cosmetic dentists based in Marylebone, London. We are house one of the only Accredited dentists and clinics in London. Accreditation in Cosmetic Dentistry is the UK’s highest anonymised test and standard a cosmetic dentist can achieve. Clinical cases are assessed for excellence in all parameters and this is judged anonymously by other dentists.

In fact, we would not even class those treatments performed abroad as veneers. They shave the tooth down by an amount so substantial that only small pegs are left behind, and crowns are fitted rather than veneers.

We aim to preserve 95% of the natural tooth structure when we fit veneers. This helps create a more natural and appealing look and is far safer for the patient.

Veneers at Marylebone Smile Clinic

We believe that veneers are truly an amazing form of cosmetic dental treatment. Almost everybody will be eligible for veneers, and when you compare the results and lifespan of veneers to their price you will find that they are relatively affordable.

If you do believe that you just have one tooth that is presenting you with an issue, then we may be able to provide you with advice regarding other treatments you have at your disposal.

Get in touch with us today and send us a picture of your smile and we will get back in touch with you for a no-obligation online consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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