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Marylebone Smile Clinic
66 Harley Street, London W1G 7HD

London Cosmetic Dentistry

Top cosmetic dentist in London, Marylebone Smile Clinic, is the best aesthetic dental practice for: Veneers, Teeth Straightening, Composite Bonding, Gum Lifts, Contouring.

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Harley Street Cosmetic Dentist
London Smile Clinic

If you're looking for a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street, London, get in touch with us at Marylebone Smile Clinic. As a part of Harley Street's esteemed tradition, we are proud to carry on the rich legacy that Harley Street has in cosmetic dentistry.

Our Harley Street cosmetic dentists are experts in porcelain or ceramic tooth replacement with dental implants, composite bonding, gum lifts, tooth contouring and a host of other aesthetic dental services.

The positive success rate of our experienced and expert cosmetic dentist in London has led to them treating professional athletes and celebrities like James Smith, Danny Mac, and Alesha Dixon to name but a few.

We were also entrusted with improving the smiles of celebrities, CEOs, Members of Parliament, and members of the British Special Forces.

Expert Cosmetic Dentist in London

At the Marylebone Smile Clinic, you'll find one of London's top cosmetic dentist, ready to address your aesthetic dental concerns with precision, always keeping your goals in mind.

Dr. Sahil Patel is the best cosmetic dentist London has to offer when it comes to fixing the smiles of the most famous people in the UK. His work with numerous celebrities has earned him recognition in multiple publications for his expertise in cosmetic dentistry. We firmly believe that entrusting your dental care to a reputable London-based cosmetic dentist ensures the best outcomes for your teeth.

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If you would like advice scroll down and send us a photograph of you smiling with your upper and lower teeth set apart slightly.

One of our London cosmetic dentist will analyse your photo and respond with initial advice and information on the next steps. Alternatively email us at or call us on 020 7126 8526

National leaders in
cosmetic dentistry

We have not just the best cosmetic dentists in London but some of the best in the UK. We are Accredited by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which is the highest accolade with clinical aesthetic dentistry. With many years dedicated to cosmetic dentistry, our skilled Harley Street cosmetic dentists are ready to help you address any teeth-related cosmetic concerns affecting your confidence or daily life.

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Protected by a 5-year guarantee
on all ceramic/porcelain work

We will issue a 5-year guarantee on all veneer, crown, bridge and implant work.

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Dental Veneers

Veneers are made of composite ceramic or porcelain. These are thin coatings applied to teeth, commonly to enhance their appearance and overall mouth aesthetic. Beyond cosmetic benefits, they also safeguard against potential dental issues, such as damage or discoloration, by creating a protective shield over the natural teeth beneath them. These shells cover the teeth and are often used to improve the appearance and the aesthetic feel of the whole mouth.

We are proud of our high success rate with all of our ceramic or porcelain veneers. Our cosmetic dental procedures can provide you with long lasting aesthetic and functional results for years to come.

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Photo before and after dental cosmetic work

Gummy Smile Makeover

Gummy treatment is focused on improving our patients’ specific dentistry issues so that when they smile a ‘normal’ amount of gum is revealed.

An appointment at our clinic will involve an initial analysis of your situation to work out the cause and then address this with a fast and painless approach to gum lifts. We often use tooth contouring and home whitening to further improve the overall results.

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Mini Smile Makeover

This is a collection of three treatments that are used together to improve people’s smile: tooth whitening, tooth contouring, and stain blasting.

The combination of these three popular treatments can make a huge difference on the quality of work by addressing some of the most common cosmetic dental issues that we see.

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Composite Bonding & Implants

Composite bonding, cosmetic bonding, artistic bonding, dental implants…; all of these terms refer to the same dentistry treatment in principle: the placement of a white resin material onto your existing teeth that forms a chemical union with them resulting in a more desirable appearance in terms of shape and colour that last up to six-eight years on average.

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What Our Patients Say

  • Jamie Hearn

    I first contacted Marylebone Smile Clinic last year when I was considering some cosmetic dentistry. Around that time I had spoken to a few dentists and all of them had given me what felt like quite a generic quote based on a few photos and a video call. I knew that Marylebone was different when Sahil called me personally and talked through what I was hoping to achieve and some options but insisted on seeing me in person before he could give me a proper recommendation and treatment plan. From my first meeting with the team I felt totally at ease and confident that they would give me the smile that I wanted. When I was presented with my plan and quote there was absolutely no pressure and I was given as much time as I needed to reflect on things and make a decision. I couldn't be happier with the results and the aftercare from Sahil and the team has been fantastic and I can't recommend them highly enough.

  • Bradley O’Connor

    I recently completed my Invisalign treatment and sought the perfect finishing touch for my teeth. After discovering the Marylebone Smile Clinic on Instagram and witnessing the incredible results, I decided to reach out. Dr. Sahil performed a white spot removal makeover, fitted fixed retainers, and provided removable retainers. The white spot removal transformed my teeth beautifully, removing milk marks and contouring them flawlessly. Dr. Sahil's talent shone through, as he kept me informed throughout the process, ensuring my satisfaction. Even when I noticed a slight issue with my upper fixed retainer, the receptionist promptly scheduled a visit, and the problem was resolved seamlessly. Returning later to collect my removable retainers, I found a warm and welcoming atmosphere among the staff, especially the lovely receptionist upstairs. I highly recommend this dentist for their exceptional service and results. Five stars all the way!

  • Michael George

    I can't recommend enough Dr. Sahil at Marylebone Smile Clinic enough. From start to finish, the service was outstanding, and the results were beyond my expectations. I was a picky customer, but Dr. Sahil was understanding and accommodating every step of the way.

    In fact, my girlfriend had some dental work done at a different place during the same time, and the contrast between our experiences was stark. I discovered Dr. Sahil after hearing him on the James Smith Podcast and decided to get in touch for a consultation. When I visited the clinic, I had just finished a course of braces and wasn't entirely satisfied with the final result. Dr. Sahil was fantastic at walking me through my options and helping me choose a treatment plan. We decided on veneers for my front four teeth, along with some gum contouring and whitening.

    Here's what the treatment plan involved:

    Step 1: Dr. Sahil took moulds of my teeth and created whitening retainers, which I received later the same day. I used them for a couple of weeks to whiten my teeth.

    Step 2: Dr. Sahil prepared my teeth for veneers by making them slightly smaller and preparing the surface for better bonding. Another set of moulds were taken to create the veneers.
    Temporary veneers were fitted to my teeth (even though they're temporary, they were still an improvement), which I wore for a couple of weeks. During that time, I visited Dr. Sahil to make adjustments until I was 100% satisfied with the look and feel of my teeth. This step is so important to make sure you're completely happy before proceeding to the final step.My gums were also reshaped to achieve a better smile line. It was painless, but there was a bit of a burning smell if I remember correctly.

    Step 3: The temporary veneers were removed, and the final veneers were fitted. This was entirely painless since my mouth was numb. Another set of moulds was also taken to create a new set of retainers and whitening trays.

    The second two visits were a couple of hours, but Dr. Sahil and his team made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. I even listened to a podcast during my visits to help the time pass.
    After the final veneers were fitted, I had one more appointment a couple of weeks later to ensure that everything was perfect.

    Overall, I can't recommend Dr. Sahil and Marylebone Smile Clinic enough. They're a fantastic team who will go above and beyond to ensure that you're happy with your smile.
    (Shout out to Rania for making everything seamless, great communication and for being super friendly too!)

  • Dr Rebecca Cray

    On the run up to my wedding, I decided to finally look into treatment options for correcting issues regarding my smile that had bothered me for quite some time. I approached Dr Sahil Patel and discussed the concerns I had about my smile with him over video call. After discussing my case and possible treatment options, Sahil suggested I book a face to face consultation so that he could assess my dentition in person and so to be able to formulate a more comprehensive treatment plan. Visiting Dr Patel’s surgery was a joy from start to finish. On entering the building, you are made to feel welcome and completely at ease. This continued as I entered the surgery itself. The surgery receptionist Rania is so warm and personable and makes you feel completely at home whilst you wait for your appointment to begin. Following a thorough assessment from Dr Patel including the taking of photographs, he clearly laid out the treatment options available and gave a detailed and easy to understand costing breakdown for me to refer to. Having decided to proceed with the placement of four ceramic veneers, I booked the three further appointments I required. My treatment appointments were just as straight forward as the initial consultation. I appreciated the reminders via WhatsApp prior to each appointment and was once again always greeted so warmly by Sahil and his team. The treatment itself was completely painless and stress free to the extent I almost forgot I was in a dental chair. Dr Patel kept me fully informed of the steps he was completing during the treatment and worked efficiently with his nurse, Simona. I was so excited to return for the fitting of my veneers and could not have been more delighted with the results we achieved. Dr Sahil Patel had listened so well to the issues I had wished to correct that the final appearance of my smile is exactly what I have desired for years. My only regret is that I didn’t have the treatment completed years earlier! I cannot recommend Marylebone Smile Clinic anymore - thank you to the whole team for everything!

  • Morsal Rasolli

    Dr Sahil’s professionalism and friendliness is why I have followed him to his own clinic for treatment. A wonderful experience from start to finish and he’s accumulated a wonderful team who are incredibly attentive and professional. I feel so at ease and not just a surname that you’re called out. Dr Sahil has always treated me with respect, empathy as well as providing immaculate service and industry knowledge. He has suggested ways to help me maintain my dental health and quickly referred me to colleagues for further treatment which shows integrity and professionalism, which has always been so through and throughout. Dr Sahil always makes sure to let me know each step of the treatment to keep me informed and he does that throughout by checking in on me during the treatment if I am keeping well as well being a fantastic motivator and encourages me on that I’m doing well to cooperate with them. I feel at constant ease, no tension or worry at all and know that when I step into Dr Sahil’s clinic I will walk out with a solution to my dental care needs. I will forever be recommending Dr Sahil and his team and clinic to all my family and friends. Thank you so so so much Dr Sahil and The Marylebone Smile Clinic Team!!!! To those reading this, this is the clinic you will ever need to be at! Incredible expert care and quality that will always have your best interest as they don’t see people as commodities but building genuine rapport and care. Dr Sahil’s team makes sure to keep in touch with me to remind me of my appointment and follows up to see how I am doing - just as I thought I’m done with singing their praises, I keep on having more to say! Just goes to show how they invest in the detail of the service and treatment! Caring and fully competent and professional in every aspect, you will be placed in Dr Sahil expert hands! Thank you so much once again!!!

  • Sarah

    I have never experienced such an amazing result in such little time. I also have to talk about how I felt inside. I almost didn’t realise how much my two crooked teeth had bothered me until they didn’t look crooked anymore. I felt like skipping down the road afterwards and my standard smile has been reinstated. (Mini Smile Makeover)

  • Gonth Youtube

    Legend mate 👊

  • Thomas Newman

    Everyone was warmly welcoming and went out of their way to answer all of my questions and make sure I was comfortable. Dr Sahil Patel who carried out a very relaxed and honest consultation with me to make sure I had considered all of my options properly. Dr Patel happily made a start on my full assessment straight away to save me an extra train trip and booked me in to have my teeth prepared and temporaries put in the week after. Thank you for making me smile. It was worth every penny

  • Neel Cevdet

    I recently visited the clinic for tooth contouring, and I was so pleased with Dr Sahil Patel’s dentistry. He was clear, with a calming way about him. One of the nicest people you will ever meet.


A cosmetic dentist is a doctor that is focused on improving the aesthetics of the teeth and gums. It is a field that is not taught at dental schools due to undergraduate training being focused on maintaining dental health. Those who choose to undertake further education and rigorous training can learn about the complex field of cosmetics after carrying out general or routine dentistry for a period of time. It is important to note that all dental practitioners are trained in retaining health, but the expertise and knowledge in aesthetics is variable and is not quality assured by any one body or academy. There are academies such as the BACD and the BAAD, which are both tentpoles of exceptional dental clinical standards.
Our reputable cosmetic dentists are some of the best in the country, and have passed the rigorous tests to be Accredited by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry in England is incredibly safe and you should not be worried at all when attending an appointment. Especially not with Marylebone Smile Clinic, located in the heart of London’s private healthcare district, Harley Street. We will always advise you to do your own research, seek opinions from family and friends to ensure you are making the right choice for you at the time.
Dental tourism, however, is another story. Visiting countries like Turkey, to receive cosmetic dental treatments is not necessarily safe and is not recommended as in other countries these health services are held to a lower standard than those in England. Above this, it is generally advisable to undergo medical and dental care in the country you intend to live in for the long-term. This is so you can maintain a point of contact with a clinic in order to maintain any dental work you have or if an issue/accident arises.

No, cosmetic dentistry is not covered by public healthcare on the NHS. Our services are defined as aesthetic and elective in nature and are therefore not qualified as necessary for the health and function of your teeth and mouth.
In addition, it would not be appropriate to allocate resources through the National Health Service as it currently stands.

The Harley Street Medical District in Marylebone, London, has been home to the UK’s best private healthcare professionals since the 19th century. Some of the most influential names in healthcare have spent time working on Harley Street, such as Florence Nightingale in the 1850s and Lionel Logue in the 1930s.
Today, Harley Street carries forward its reputation for housing the clinics with the best private healthcare standards and specifically private aesthetic clinics like ours at Marylebone Smile Clinic.
These clinics attract members of the general population all the way to celebrities and other famous figures, travelling from all over the world for cosmetic services.

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