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Veneers and London Tourism

Dental tourism is a phenomenon that has exploded in popularity over recent years. Cheap cosmetic services abroad have become sought after in almost a viral manner, with many people rushing […]

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Dental tourism is a phenomenon that has exploded in popularity over recent years. Cheap cosmetic services abroad have become sought after in almost a viral manner, with many people rushing to make appointments without exercising an appropriate level of due diligence.

In the UK, many individuals travel to countries like Turkey to receive (what they believe to be) porcelain veneers. Most are unaware that what they are actually receiving is a cheap service that reflects its low price and cuts many corners.

Yet because their treatment has been performed in the guise of a package holiday, many patients overlook these problems and focus on the low price, the speedy treatment, and the sunshine.

Instead of contributing to the low-standard cosmetic dental practitioners in Turkey, why not make the decision to receive safe, reliable treatment without needing to make the trip to Turkey by visiting a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street London?

Carry on reading for more on why our clinic in London is the best place to receive porcelain veneers and how you can plan your trips to the clinic to take in some tourism of your own!

Veneers in Central London

There are many steps involved in the process of receiving porcelain veneers. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t just walk into a clinic and leave on the same day with your perfect smile.

However, if you are not from London, then why not use this as an excuse to see some of what makes London one of the finest cities in the world?

Blending your trips to the clinic with other activities in London can make your trips to the capital more cost-effective, and as we are based in Central London you will have very easy access to the rest of London.

  1. Make your trips to London more cost-effective by making the most of your time here
  2. See some of what makes London one of the finest cities in the world

Here are the steps involved when receiving porcelain veneers in Central London.


The first step to getting veneers is sending us pictures of your teeth for a free virtual consultation. Our dentist will make an assessment of your teeth, hear what your treatment goals are, and inform you whether these will be achievable for you.

As this consultation is virtual, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. Your second consultation, however, will need to be performed in the clinic. Our dentist will assess your bite and conduct a health screen on your teeth and gums to ensure that you are eligible for veneers. We will even inspect your mouth for any signs of cancer.

Once this consultation is complete and all of our required information is collected, you will be provided with a 2D simulation of how the result could look. It’s an amazing tool to help you visualise the result before committing to it.

If you have made the trip to London just for this consultation, then why not use your free time before your return journey to soak up the atmosphere and see some sights? We are close to Soho where you can have a bite to eat or even catch a show on the West End.

Preparation and temporary fitment

Once we have prepared the design for your veneers, we will show you a 3D model of how your smile will look where you will have the chance to make any changes if required.

If you are happy to proceed, then we will begin preparing your teeth. This will be performed in the clinic where we will shave any enamel required to make room for your veneers, and we will also whiten your teeth so that they are the same colour as your new veneers.

After this is complete, we will fit temporary veneers to your teeth that you will have to wear for two weeks or more while your permanent veneers are made bespoke to your requirements. The temporary set will closely resemble your permanent veneers so you will get a good feel for what your finished smile will look like.

This visit to the clinic will take longer than the last, but you will still have time to see some places of interest. You can very easily access the British Museum and Buckingham Palace from our clinic, and you can take your pick of Regent’s or Hyde Park for a stroll.

Permanent fitment

When your veneers are ready you will return to the clinic where we will swap your temporary veneers for your permanent set of porcelain veneers.

Before they are chemically bonded to your teeth you will have one final chance to ask any questions that you may have and suggest any changes if you wish for any to be made.

You may feel some sensitivity for a couple of weeks after treatment, but you should be healed and back to normal in 3-4 weeks.

This appointment can last a few hours, but you will leave with your brand-new permanent smile. While we will advise you to avoid excessively hot or cold drinks, and stick to small bites of soft foods for a couple of weeks, you will be able to go about the rest of your day as normal.


You should follow your normal routine with your dentist after you receive veneers, but we would also like to have check-ups with you to ensure that your veneers are healthy and retain their optimal aesthetics.

To be eligible for our 5-year guarantee, we will require you to attend a review appointment after your veneers have been applied and then return to our clinic at least once a year, as well as visit a dental hygienist every 6 months, or at the interval advised by us based on your risk level.

Your annual trips to our clinic can be a great opportunity for you to plan any activities for you and your family/friends while in London! And you can do any of these activities with a beautiful, perfect smile.

Smile before porcelain veneers
Smile after porcelain veneers

Why do people go to other countries for veneers?

The main reason that many people travel abroad to receive veneers is the price. In Turkey, the price per tooth for veneers is the lowest in the world. Combine this with the speed of service that they conduct there, and it sounds like an appealing offer.

However, there are cons to these few pros. For example, the treatment performed by cosmetic dentists in Turkey is seemingly not actually veneers – instead they often fit crowns without your permission.

When we apply porcelain veneers to our patients, we aim to retain 90% of their natural tooth structure. A simple image search of before and after ‘Turkey Teeth’ will show that a substantially lower percentage of tooth enamel has been preserved, typically 50%. This level of shaving is:

  • Irreversible
  • Dangerous to the tooth nerve
  • Completely unnecessary for the application of veneers

Please see our other post on ‘Turkey Teeth’ for more reasons why you should avoid travelling to Turkey for cosmetic dental treatments.

What is the best country for dental veneers?

The United Kingdom is one of the best countries in the world for cosmetic dentistry and veneers. Other countries with high standards for dental treatments are Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and the USA.

The UK has exceptionally high regulatory standards for cosmetic dentists. Any patients receiving treatment in the UK from a qualified practitioner can trust that their dentist is regulated by the General Dental Council and that, should any issues arise, they are covered by a thorough complaints procedure. Therefore, trusting a cosmetic dentist London like Marylebone Smile Clinic to fix your teeth is probably the safest option.

Veneers in Central London are especially sought after due to London’s hub for cosmetic and medical treatments: The Harley Street Medical District.

Marylebone Smile Clinic is located on Harley Street itself and we are proud to offer our services amongst some of the best private healthcare practitioners in the world.

How much are veneers in London?

Dental veneers in London are more expensive than abroad, and cost between £800 – £1000+ per tooth.

At Marylebone Smile Clinic, our veneers start at £895 per tooth and they are widely regarded as some of the best veneers in London while not being the most expensive! We are also one of the preferred clinics recommended to treat doctors and dentists. Medical professionals are considered some of the most discerning clients we could ask for, and it’s a privilege to be trusted with their smiles.

Visit the best veneer dentist in London

For the best porcelain veneers in Central London, get in touch and secure an appointment with our cosmetic dentists at Marylebone Smile Clinic. We advise that you take a look at our Smile Gallery to see examples of our veneer work before making any decisions. You will be able to see before and after photos to get an impression of how well our dentists will be able to deal with your specific issues, whether it be small teeth, chipped teeth, or dental malocclusion.

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