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Porcelain Veneers in London

Veneers refer to a thin layer of ceramic, porcelain or composite resin, chemically bonded to a tooth to improve its aesthetic appearance. Most commonly, they are extremely thin, around the […]

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Veneers are thin layers of ceramic or porcelain that cover the teeth and are often used to improve the appearance and the aesthetic feel of the whole mouth.

Veneer teeth can not only provide an aesthetic improvement to teeth, but can also prevent dental issues like damage or discolouration in the future by forming a protective barrier on the natural teeth beneath them.

Why Should You Choose Marylebone Smile Clinic For Veneers?

Our Harley Street cosmetic dentists are experts in gum lifts, veneers, tooth contouring, composite bonding, and a range of other cosmetic treatments that can give you your smile back.

The positive success rate that our experienced and expert cosmetic dentists have attained has led to them working with professional athletes and celebrities like James Smith, Danny Mac, Frankie Gaff, and more. Marylebone Smile Clinic are also trusted to create the smiles of those who value their complete privacy, such as CEOs, Members of Parliament, and the British Special Forces.

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More Information

While the most common materials that we use as veneers are ceramic and composite resin, most of us know of veneers to be ‘porcelain’.

Porcelain is a type of ceramic material. For it to be porcelain, there needs to be the presence of the inorganic material, kaolinite.

In modern dentistry, kaolinite is mostly absent from veneer materials. Therefore, we prefer to refer to our veneers as ceramic, as ceramic refers to any substance produced through the application of heat and includes metal, synthetic, and materials previously known as porcelain.

We use veneers to improve the aesthetics of our patient’s teeth or an individual tooth. Issues that can be improved by receiving veneers include:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Chips and other damages to tooth shape
  • Discolouration or stains

However, there are other factors that can be improved by having veneers. For example, if your teeth are facing an irregular direction, your bite force, over time, can lead to your teeth moving even further out of position.

Veneers can correct the distribution of bite forces, preventing problems from arising over time relating to tooth drift and surface damages.

Treatment TypePrice
Porcelain/Ceramic Veneersfrom £795
Porcelain/Ceramic Bridgesfrom £895
Porcelain/Ceramic Crownsfrom £895

We use a combination of Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS E.max Press and Empress veneers, as well as Dentsply Sirona’s Celtra Press, and GC Lisi veneers.

These are among the best and most effective materials with quality reputations worldwide.

All of the materials that we use are defined as reinforced ceramics because they contain silicon dioxide with a mixture of lithium disilicate. The presence of lithium disilicate ensures a high strength to thickness ratio in these extremely thin veneers.

If you are searching for porcelain veneers in London then we recommend that you request to see portfolio examples of a dentist’s previous work and judge yourself whether their veneers look high quality, as well as read reviews from genuine customers.

Marylebone Smile Clinic is located on Harley Street in London, where some of the best private medical facilities around the world are located.

Get in touch with our clinic and we can provide you with examples of our dentist’s work as well as proof of our qualifications, and feedback from our previous customers that include high-profile celebrities, members of parliament, and CEOs.

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